A day at the border


This is how much the employees of the FOCBS achieve during an average day. Did you know?

Every day, around 2 200 000 people, 1 100 000 vehicles and 21 000 lorries cross the Swiss border. In addition, thousands of tonnes of goods from all over the world enter and leave Switzerland, or cross it to other countries.
On an average day, FOCBS staff collect and find:

  • CHF 64.4 million in receipts
  • 91 counterfeit products
  • 70 people who are wanted or have an arrest warrant issued against them
  • 4 forged identity documents
  • 12 prohibited weapons
  • 2.6 kg of drugs
  • 51 cases of illegal residence
  • 30 consignments of medications or doping preparations
  • 34 defective lorries

However, what statistical averages do not reflect is the great variety and the many surprises that define every day and every night at the border. "One out-of-the-ordinary case was when we were able to arrest a wanted knife attacker during a late shift. Shortly afterwards, after the case had been handled, we had to go out again to clear a fox through customs. The work is very varied and you never know what the day will bring", sums up an FOCBS employee.