A day at the border

Summary of the key facts and figures on FOCBS operations in 2022.

Every day, around 2.2 million people, 1.1 million cars and 21,000 lorries cross the Swiss border. In addition, thousands of tonnes of goods from all over the world are imported into Switzerland or pass through it on the way to other countries, and Swiss products are exported to other countries.

The FOCBS's core tasks include the correct and rapid clearance of goods, which involves collecting duties and carrying out checks on cross-border passenger transport. In addition, it performs delegate security tasks and combats illegal migration. The FOCBS has its own investigative authority for its core tasks.

Digitalisation, a reorganisation and a new job profile are allowing the FOCBS to meet the challenges of rapidly changing situations: the customs and border security specialists combine the previous tasks of customs officers and border guards, and carry out comprehensive checks on people, goods and vehicles. This allows flexible and appropriate resource planning. This means that the FOCBS will be even better equipped in the future to provide comprehensive security at the border – for the benefit of the public, the business community and the state.

On an average day, FOCBS staff collect and find:

  • 66.6 million CHF in receipts
  • 118 counterfeit products
  • 58 people who are wanted or have an arrest warrant issued against them
  • 5 forged identity documents
  • 10 prohibited weapons
  • 3kg of drugs
  • 143 cases of illegal residence
  • 21 consignments of medications or doping preparations
  • 29 defective lorries

The multifaceted services performed by the FOCBS in 2022 can be found here:


On average, 10 illegally imported weapons are confiscated every day.

The FOCBS intercepts an average of 58 wanted persons or persons with arrest warrants daily.