End of the road at border control – FOCBS employees seize drugs every day.

Marijuana, heroin, cocaine, amphetamines and designer drugs – a total of 962kg of these drugs were seized by FOCBS employees in 2021, slightly more than in the previous year.

A good nose is ideal for finding illegal narcotics. Service dog Sec has a very special one. His nose, which has been trained to be highly sensitive to narcotics, helped seize large quantities of drugs on two occasions in 2021.
In April 2021, a team of specialists, together with Sec, seized a total of 6.3kg of heroin during a vehicle check at the border crossing in Oberriet (SG). The prohibited goods were divided into 12 packages and transported in a hidden compartment built under the central console.

Just a short time later, in May 2021, his nose was on top form again. During a vehicle check, a team of specialists working with Sec came across a hidden compartment in the rear of the vehicle. Inside were three packages containing a total of 3.3kg of cocaine, which were removed from circulation.

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Marijuana is the drug most frequently seized in terms of quantity
Drugs seized (in kg)
  2019 2020 2021
Marijuana 729 655 777
Heroin 20 55 56


124 162 90
Amphetamines  18 25 9

Designer drugs

55 23 30