Domestic production

The Confederation grants the right to manufacture and distil spirits to private enterprises by means of distiller's licences (Art. 3, section 1 of the Alcohol Act, AlcA). These distiller's licences are issued by the Alcohol Sector of the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security FOCBS.

Commercial producer Commercial distillery Bonded warehouse Small producer Contract distillery Farmers Agricultural distillery

The relevant subpages provide more information on each producer category.

Private individuals

Distilling your own spirits is very popular in Switzerland. However, it is forbidden for private individuals to own, buy or operate a still. Distilling is exclusively reserved for licensed commercial producers or contract distillers. This also applies to the production of gin involving the redistillation of duty-paid base spirit and infused botanicals (herbs and spices).

Private individuals who have high-quality spirits produced from their own or from purchased fruit should follow this checklist:

Prepare the raw ingredients

The raw ingredients should be prepared for the distilling process, i.e. washed, cut up and mashed.

Find a contract distiller

Since it is forbidden in Switzerland for private individuals to produce their own spirits, you will need to find a licensed contract distillery to turn the mash into spirits once it has finished fermenting.

Pay the tax and the distiller's fees

Spirits, whether imported or manufactured in Switzerland, are subject to tax of CHF 29 per litre of pure alcohol. For a litre of fruit spirits at 40% alcohol by volume, for example, tax of CHF 11.60 is payable. The contract distillery sends a form to the Alcohol Sector (ALK) of the FOCBS, detailing for whom and from what raw materials it has manufactured a particular amount of distillate. The ALK then sends a bill for the tax directly to the person who requested the distillation. The distiller's fees are invoiced by the contract distillery. For more information (including factsheets and addresses), see the relevant guidelines.


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