Cash, foreign currencies, securities

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Unrestricted amounts of liquid funds, i.e. cash, foreign currency and securities (shares, bonds and cheques) can be imported into Switzerland, brought through Switzerland in transit or exported from Switzerland. Furthermore, the funds do not need to be declared.

Checks on the cross-border movement of liquid funds

To combat money laundering and terrorist financing, we can carry out checks. If you are carrying CHF 10,000 or more, we will question you. In doing so, you will have to answer questions concerning you and the origin and intended purpose of the money, and provide information on the beneficial owner.

Consequences of the checks

In the case of liquid funds of CHF 10,000 or more, an entry will be made in the information system of the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security. If there is a suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing, the funds may be temporarily confiscated or handed over to the police. The right is reserved to take other measures linked to combating crime.

Legal situation in the European Union

Liquid funds of EUR 10,000 or more must be declared in writing to the respective customs authorities when entering, passing through and leaving the European Union and its member states.