Owing to the high level of interest from the public, both special exhibitions have been extended:

In the right part of the picture is written in white letters on a black background the title of the , as well as a reference to the content of the exhibition. The theme is «Smugglers and refugees between Italy and Switzerland during the Second World War». In the left part of the picture you can see two men walking one after the other through a thicket. The one in the back carries a linen bag over his right shoulder

A border between poverty and persecution

The border with Italy was by far the area which saw the most intense levels of smuggling.

Lebensgrosse Puppe trägt alte GWK-Uniform

Permanent Exhibition: a 1,935 km border in a museum

Over 2.1 Million people and around 1.1 Million vehicles and 24,000 lorries cross the Swiss border every day. What is the work of Customs? And what were things like when the Swiss border was first set up?