Lump-sum heavy vehicle charge (PSVA) for foreign vehicles

Now you can use Via to pay the PSVA. This will also help you avoid (longer) waiting times when crossing the border.

The most important information on the lump-sum heavy vehicle charge for foreign vehicles is summarised in fact sheet form 15.94.


In Switzerland, a performance-related heavy vehicle fee is payable for transport motor vehicles and trailers with a total weight of over 3.5 tonnes each.

The charge is levied in the form of a lump sum (lump-sum heavy vehicle charge, PSVA) for the vehicle types listed below.

  • Heavy passenger vehicles
  • Heavy campervans, motorhomes and caravans
  • Vehicles used for transporting passengers (coaches, buses)
  • Tractors and motor carriages
  • Motor vehicles of fun fairs and circuses that are used exclusively to tow trailers with fun fair or circus equipment or trailers not subject to the charge
  • Other motor vehicles for the carriage of goods with a maximum speed of 45 km/h

If vehicles tow trailers that are subject to the heavy vehicle charge, the towing weight of the tractor unit is also subject to the charge. This means that the PSVA has to be paid also for such trailers that are towed by motor vehicles that alone would not be subject to the heavy vehicle charge (e.g. passenger vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tonnes). In this case, the charge is levied only on the towing weight.


Vehicles not subject to the heavy vehicle charge are listed here.

Calculation of the charge

The charge is calculated based on the total weight of the tractor unit and/or the towing weight, as well as the applicable period. The data in the vehicle registration document is decisive.

Payment of the charge/proof of payment

In principle, the charge must be paid with the Via application.

Form 15.91 or form 15.92 (available in German, French and Italian) stamped by the customs office also constitutes proof of payment. This can be obtained from a manned border crossing when entering Switzerland. The minimum sum per proof of payment is CHF 25.00.

The proof of payment must always be carried in the vehicle for control purposes.

Procedure for unmanned border crossings

It is increasingly the case that smaller border crossings are no longer or only partially manned by our staff. In principle, vehicles subject to the lump-sum heavy vehicle charge that do not have valid proof of payment are not permitted to enter the country at such border crossings. However, it is nonetheless possible if the procedure described in the fact sheet form 15.94 (available in German, French and Italian) or our FAQ is followed.

Applicable charge periods 

The following possibilities exist for paying the PSVA:

  • Between one and thirty consecutive days
  • Ten freely chosen days during a given year*
  • Between one and eleven consecutive months
  • One year

*In the case of proof of payment for ten freely chosen days, you must independently validate it before entry as well as at the start of each subsequent day the vehicle spends in Switzerland.

The rates can be found in form 15.91 and form 15.92 (available in German, French and Italian).

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