Performance-related heavy vehicle charge - Vehicles licensed in Switzerland

Vehicles registered in Switzerland must be equipped with an on-board recording device, which is installed by authorised workshops. The on-board unit determines the exact mileage based on the signal transmitted by the tachometer. Border crossings are registered by stationary radio beacons located at customs offices. Distances driven abroad are not taken into account when calculating charges. The integrated GPS module is used to monitor the recording of mileage as well as to determine whether the unit is in Switzerland or abroad.

Drivers must declare any trailers towed by entering the number plate details and total weight in the on-board unit. Corresponding tools to simplify declarations are available to vehicle holders. The data registered by the unit must be submitted to the Directorate General of Customs every month via a chip card or internet. The monthly invoicing takes place 60 days after the end of the charge period.

Vehicles with low mileage and infrequent border crossings can, upon request [link], be exempted from the obligation to be fitted with an on-board unit. In this case, the monthly mileage is declared using a logbook.

View of a "Emotach" in a truck

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