Import Control System 2: ICS2

ICS2 stands for Import Control System 2, which is an advance cargo information system. It collects data on all goods from third countries before they are imported into the common security area (Switzerland, the European Union (EU), Norway and Northern Ireland).

[Film on the ICS2 process]

It is based on the signed Agreement on Customs Facilitation and Security between Switzerland and the European Union.

Questions about ICS2?

In Switzerland, this concerns postal operators and express courier companies in air transport, carriers and ground handling agents in air transport, and all companies which use multiple filling.

ICS2 will be implemented in three releases. Each release concerns different economic operators and transport models; they will declare their goods in ICS2 depending on the type of services they provide (ICS2 users according to Release: ICS2 – Publications Office of the EU (

Release 2 is currently being introduced (since 1 March 2023), followed by Release 3 (1 March 2024). However, Release 3 has no direct impact on Swiss economic operators, unless they wish to participate in multiple filing.

For more information on ICS2, please see the following links for the most frequently asked questions: