Crossborder flights

If you yourself fly across borders, you must enquire at the airfields about the applicable customs regulations for arrivals and departures.

If you take goods with you or if you have maintenance or repair work carried out on the aircraft (with or without the use of new materials), you must use a customs airfield (categories A to C) for arrival or departure.


Airfields, Customs Categories, Customs Contact Addresses (PDF, 1 MB, 21.10.2022)(for smartphones and tablets the Adobe Reader App is required)


You may fly directly to a category D airfield in the following cases:

  • You are carrying goods for your personal use that you have cleared using QuickZoll. Customs clearance must have taken place before landing.
  • You have used QuickZoll to clear maintenance and repair work on a domestic aircraft used exclusively for private flights.

Please note:

Customs clearance using QuickZoll must have taken place before landing.

An item – the aircraft – is always imported in the case of maintenance or repair work. This means that maintenance and repair work (including fitted new materials) costing more than CHF 300 is always subject to VAT, regardless of how many people are in the aircraft. See also Other examples of how the tax-free limit is applied for more than one person. If you use an app for your declaration (see QuickZoll) and declare goods for several people, you thus have to enter the corresponding value a second time under "Re-enter each item with a net value of over CHF 300 here".

You have to add the invoice number and upload the invoice for maintenance or repair work in QuickZoll. In the absence of a definitive invoice, you must use a customs airfield (categories A to C).

You need to note the number of the QuickZoll receipt in the technical files or corresponding documents. In addition, have the receipt sent to you by email and retain it.

Forms for customs declarations at customs airfields


Depending on the authorisation requirements, the completed and signed form must be sent to the airfield manager or to the customs control office.

A border guard checks a pilot on the airfield next to his plane.


Information office for customs regulations

+41 58 467 15 15

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