Declaration companies

You can declare and clear your goods electronically. You can find all the information on the conditions and corresponding specialist customs IT applications here.

If you wish to declare and clear goods electronically, you must be registered with the customs client administration (ZKV). You can find out how to do this here: Customs client administration - UID

In order to use the applications and declare your goods, you must have all the information required to import or export your goods. The system will block the registration if this is not the case. Find out which details are required beforehand on our website:

Applications for imports and exports

You can declare your goods for import or export with the following applications:

e-dec Import and e-dec Export

You can submit import and export declarations in the e-dec applications.

e-dec web Import and e-dec web Export

e-dec web allows you to make import customs declarations directly online.

e-dec easy

You can declare small consignments which are duty-free but subject to VAT with a simplified import customs declaration via e-dec easy.

E-accompanying document

This application allows you to send us accompanying documents for an e-dec customs declaration electronically.

NCTS (exportation and transit)

The NCTS system is used primarily for road traffic and is mandatory for international transit.

RailControl - summary customs declaration for rail freight traffic

Goods declarations in cross-border freight traffic are recorded in the RailControl system.

Technical problems - EDEC/NCTS system availability

Our traffic light indicator provides you with the most important information on NCTS and e-dec availability at a glance: system availability.

Important information on releases, expiring versions etc.

We keep you regularly updated on releases in e-dec, interfaces, expiring versions etc. You can find out which changes you need make in order to make sure you are always using the latest and most secure version of e-dec here: e-dec Info

Would you like to create your own processes, IT systems etc. with which you can use e-dec? The relevant technical information can be found at e-dec specifications.

Further info