Services that enable or facilitate customs activities

In addition to the electronic services, the FOCBS an other federal offices offer further services to simplfy custom processes.

Refunds and reductions

Under certain circumstances, duties, e.g. the CO2 tax or mineral oil tax, can be refunded.

Special customs status, certificates or licences

These services reduce your administrative effort when dealing with Customs, e.g. for authorised consignors or authorised consignees, or even make such dealings possible in the first place. 


No need to type in account details, amounts and reference numbers any more. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can check the e-bill in your online banking system and approve it for payment.

Subscribing to news

Keep up to date on customs topics.


You can apply for an exemption from the authorisation requirement for certain goods, such as therapeutic products or hazardous chemicals.

HVC account

In order for taxes and duties to be levied on foreign vehicles that are fitted with an HVC on-board unit, the vehicle owner must open an HVC account with the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS).  

Customs account CSP

With the centralised settlement procedure (CSP), you can clear customs quickly and cashlessly.


Swiss-Impex is the online statistical database on Swiss foreign trade.