Applications already introduced

DaziT has already introduced the following public apps and other applications. Some of these are the initial basic versions (minimum viable products, MVPs), which are being developed step by step according to user needs and feedback.


Activ enables customs declarations to be activated automatically, initially for transit consignments upon importation.

Users: Freight forwarding and transport companies

QuickZoll enables users to import goods into Switzerland independently and pay any applicable taxes and duties directly on their smartphone.

Users: Travelling individuals

Via enables users to pay the lump-sum heavy vehicle charge (lump-sum HVC) via their smartphone, even before entering Switzerland and without stopping at the border.

Users: Drivers of motorhomes or coaches registered outside Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein

E-Begleitdokument and E-Com enable paperless interaction between declarants and the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security.

Users: Customs declarants

EETS links the Swiss performance-related HVC to the Europe-wide compatible European Electronic Toll System.

Users: Foreign freight forwarding and transport companies

The ePortal of the Federal Department of Finance (FDF) enables simple and direct access to digital services of the Federal Administration.

Users: Citizens, companies

Biera simplifies and digitalises beer tax declaration.

Users: Breweries in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Chartera enables electronic customs documents to be obtained from a central and user-friendly location, initially for electronic assessment decisions.Users: Customs declarants

Pilot projects

Periodic enables the automatic activation of goods consignments for regularly imported bulk goods.

Users: Freight forwarding and transport companies that use periodic collective declarations