Importation of Ukrainian refugees' vehicles

You can find information on importing and insuring foreign vehicles here.

Use of duty unpaid vehicles in Switzerland (customs clearance)

Up to now, Ukrainian residents have been able to use their Ukrainian vehicles in Switzerland for six months without customs formalities.

If people with Protection Status 'S' use their foreign registered vehicles in Switzerland for more than six months, they need to request a customs permit 15.30, which is valid for a period of two years from the date of entry into the customs territory.

It is possible to obtain a customs permit 15.30 at attended customs offices during opening hours.

The vehicle may be used in Switzerland solely for personal purposes. It may not be used by Swiss residents. No formalities are required when returning to Ukraine permanently.

Further information can be found at: Importation into Switzerland ( and Frequently asked questions on vehicles.

Vehicle insurance

Ukrainian motor vehicles generally require an international motor insurance card (formerly green card) that is valid in Switzerland in order to enter the country. A frontier insurance policy taken out in an EEA state is also valid in Switzerland.

Exceptionally and on a temporary basis, proof of insurance may also be presented on an electronic device in PDF format.

In the absence of a valid international motor insurance card,