Services individuals

Below you will find a list of apps and services offered by the FOCBS for individuals.


Importation into Switzerland


Clear customs with peace of mind: declare your goods conveniently using the app.

e-dec web

Certain goods such as vehicles, boats and livestock can only be declared with e-dec web and not with QuickZoll. 

Customs tariff - Tares

Tares allows you to find the correct customs tariff and the applicable taxes and duties for online purchases.

Exchange rates

Here you can view current exchange rates or for a specific date.

Road levies

Via Portal

On the Via Portal, the official platform of the Swiss Confederation, you can pay road taxes at any time and from anywhere, e.g. the e-vignette or PSVA. 


The e-vignette, linked to the control plate and costing CHF 40, allows you to drive on Swiss highways. It is available from August 1, 2023.


Opening hours

Here you will find the opening hours of all offices. 


Information Office

Do you have any further questions regarding Customs? Our Information Office will be happy to help you.