Citizens' band radio (CB radio)

Citizens' band radio (CB radio) is used for all types of private, non-commercial radio communication within the 27 MHz band. It is intended for the exchange of personal information and views.

Customs provisions

Used CB radios which operate in the 27 MHz band may be imported free of tax by persons resident abroad provided the radios are intended for re-exportation.

Used or new CB radios which are destined to remain in Switzerland must be declared and assessed for clearance.


  • Radiotelephony: CB radiotelephones which operate in the 27 MHz band may be used in Switzerland from 1 January 2013 without a radiocommunications licence. However, only CB radiotelephones which meet Swiss interface requirements may be used.

  • Data transmission: anyone wishing to use Packet Radio devices on CB frequencies in Switzerland will also require a call sign from 1 January 2013. Registration of the corresponding call signs will continue to be carried out by the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM). To apply for or register a call sign, contact:

Further information can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Communications.