Motorway charge sticker – other important information

Purchasing the motorway tax sticker

In Switzerland, the motorway charge sticker can be purchased in post offices, petrol stations, garages, TCS outlets, as well as from the road traffic authorities (in French).

For those motorway charge stickers sold abroad, the price is set in the relevant foreign currency. The motorway tax sticker is obtainable abroad from the majority of motoring organisations; in the vicinity of the Swiss border, it is also available in motorway petrol stations and kiosks or "Trafiken" in Austria.

The sticker can also be purchased from various official distribution partners online. We would discourage you from buying the sticker online from anyone other than the official distribution partners or via auction platforms.

An overview of the points of sale abroad can be found here

Motorway tax stickers are for sale at all manned customs offices at the Swiss border. There, the sticker can be paid for also in a foreign currency (EUR, GBP, USD; only notes) and with all major credit and debit cards. Change is given in Swiss francs.

Affixing the motorway charge sticker to the vehicle

It is in your own interest to ensure the motorway charge sticker is affixed directly to the vehicle as follows:

  • In the case of motor vehicles, on the inside of the windscreen; it must be clearly visible from outside
  • In the case of motor vehicles without windscreens, trailers and motorbikes, on an easily accessible and non-removable part.

It is not permitted to affix motorway charge stickers using sticky tape, film or any other aids, and a fine will be imposed if this rule is broken. This applies also for motorway charge stickers that are merely present but not affixed.

It is not permitted to peel off motorway charge stickers and transfer them to other vehicles. This applies also when replacing the windscreen (see below). Detached motorway charge stickers are invalid.

Returns/refunds and exchanges

Do not stockpile motorway charge stickers. Surplus unused motorway charge stickers cannot be returned. Also in the case of inappropriate handling, destruction or loss of a motorway charge sticker, there is no entitlement to a refund or a replacement.

Customs offices replace motorway charge stickers free of charge in the following cases:

  • Obvious misprints
  • Windscreen replacement (chipped glass) in the case of foreign vehicles. To do this, you must present the old motorway charge sticker (or parts of it) and the invoice for the replacement windscreen to the customs office. A replacement sticker is organised by the insurance company in the case of Swiss vehicles.

In all other cases, write to the Directorate General of Customs (see Contact).


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