Lump-sum heavy vehicle charge (PSVA) for foreign vehicles – FAQ

General questions

Do vehicles subject to the PSVA also require a motorway tax sticker for journeys on Swiss motorways?

No, vehicles subject to the PSVA do not require a motorway tax sticker for journeys on Swiss motorways. However, if a light trailer is towed when using the motorway, this trailer requires a motorway tax sticker (CHF 40).

If I do not use the motorway and drive only on ordinary roads, do I still have to pay the lump-sum heavy vehicle charge?

Yes. Unlike the motorway tax sticker for passenger cars, the PSVA is payable on the entire public road network, and not only on the motorway.

I do not have valid proof of payment. Is it nonetheless possible to enter Switzerland via an unmanned customs office?

Yes. Use the app «Via».

I am spending holidays in Switzerland in my campervan, which will remain for several days on a campsite (vehicle will not be moved). Do I have to pay the lump-sum heavy vehicle charge (PSVA), even if I am not driving?

Foreign vehicles subject to the PSVA are liable for the charge in the same way as vehicles registered in Switzerland for each day spent in Switzerland. This also applies even if they are only parked up and are not on the road.

I am travelling through Switzerland today and will be back in two weeks. Do I have to pay CHF 25 each time?

No. In this case, we recommend that you purchase 10 individual days. This option is cheaper because you pay only for the two days (transit journeys) and the minimum charge of CHF 25 is only taken into account once.

Note: when you select the applicable period in the app, the system will suggest the cheapest alternative.

How do I use the 10 individual days?

A single day is valid from the time of validation until 11.59pm the same day. If the form is validated after 7pm, it is valid until 11.59pm the following day. Prior to entering Switzerland, the individual days must be validated. The same applies to each additional day in Switzerland until the vehicle leaves Switzerland again. The ten freely chosen days must be used up within one year, after which time they expire.

This option is recommended if you travel through Switzerland from time to time. This is, for example, the cheapest option if you are travelling through Switzerland in a campervan and will again do so in 14 days’ time (two transit journeys or one return journey on two different days).

For a period longer than ten consecutive days, we recommend one of the other options (applicable period "days", "months", "year").

Note: when selecting the applicable period in the app, the cheapest option will be suggested as an alternative. For the functionality of validating individual days, please consult the app instructions.

I have bought a new campervan. Can I transfer the paid (and still valid) PSVA of the old vehicle to my new campervan?

Yes, if the new vehicle corresponds to the same vehicle type (and the same weight class for buses) as the old one, you may change the valid PSVA to the new vehicle by changing the registration number in the app (see "Vehicles" section in the app).

However, if the new vehicle is not identical, the PSVA must be purchased again, although you can request a refund.

Can I extend the PSVA or proof of payment?

Yes. If the proof of payment is set to expire before departure from Switzerland, you can pay the charge again (with the app) before the deadline expires.

Note: the minimum amount is CHF 25.

I paid the PSVA for a longer period but have changed my plans and will leave Switzerland earlier. Can I obtain a refund?

If you paid the PSVA for a certain period, but no longer use the entire period, you are entitled to a pro-rata refund if the refund amount is more than CHF 50. Refunds are subject to a fee (5% of the amount to be refunded, minimum 30 CHF).

Requests for refunds should be addressed to the Traffic Charges Division of the FOCBS ( Please submit a copy of the receipt concerned as well as your payment details (IBAN) with your request.

If I pay the PSVA for a single day, is this valid for a given day or for 24 hours?

The calendar day is decisive, i.e. from validation, the PSVA is paid until 11.59pm the same day. If the form is validated after 7pm, it is valid until 11.59pm the following day.

What happens if I forget to bring the proof of payment with me rsp. if I cannot show the PSVA receipt (e.g. forget my smartphone)? Am I then liable for prosecution?

Yes. Whoever does not have the proof of payment at hand or evades or violates the heavy vehicle charge will be fined.

What happens if I forget to validate individual days and am checked, will I face a fine?

Yes. A fine is imposed if individual days are not validated.

Questions about the app

Can I load the proof of payment or the receipt on to another device?

Yes, after successful payment of the PSVA you received an email with a recovery code. For details, see app instructions.

What happens if I lose my smartphone/my smartphone is broken?

A copy of the receipt and a recovery code will be sent to you by email after successful payment.

Will my vehicle data be saved?

As an option, registered vehicles can be saved.

What happens to my data?

It will be used for the levying of charges or for verification purposes.

When using Via, the following data is collected and stored in the information systems of the FOCBS:

  • Vehicle type (according to vehicle registration document [e.g. campervan or bus])
  • Vehicle weight (generally according to heading F2 of the vehicle registration document)
  • Registration number (according to vehicle registration document)
  • Duration of stay in Switzerland (date of entry to departure) or selection of 10 individual days
  • Your email address
  • The iOS or Android version (on your smartphone or tablet)
  • The App version
  • The point in time at which the user accepted the terms of use
  • The language used in the app

Is there a price difference between the form and the app?


Can the form still be used?


What will change for domestic vehicles subject to PSVA?

Nothing. The charge will continue to be collected by the cantonal driver and vehicle licensing offices.

Further information


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