Figure of the month

+25 %


Easter time means egg time. In 2023, Switzerland imported 27,000 tonnes of eggs, i.e. around 3kg per inhabitant. This is an increase of 25% compared to the previous year. Three-fifths of the imported eggs came from the Netherlands. (01.04.2024)



Bosnia e Erzegovina

In 2023, goods worth CHF 147 million were exported to Bosnia and Herzegovina, three times more than in 2013. In terms of value, half of these were chemical and pharmaceutical products, and 25% were vehicles (mainly used cars). (01.03.2024)




In 2023, 17kg of citrus fruit were imported into Switzerland per capita. This corresponds to a total of 145,665 tonnes. Oranges accounted for half of this, followed by clementines and lemons, which each made up one fifth. (01.02.2024)


138 million

Fitness equipment

Happy New Year! The end of the holiday heralds resolutions to get fit. In this context, Switzerland imported fitness equipment worth CHF 138 million in 2022, down 27 % from the record level in the previous year. (01.01.2024)