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In 2021, Switzerland exported 7.5 million penknives (incl. Swiss Army knives) – the highest number since 2016. The USA and Germany were by far the largest importers; together, they accounted for half of all supplies. (01.08.2022)




In 2021, Switzerland imported 4.1 million microphones of various kinds. This is more than twice as many as in the previous year and five times as many as in 2019. Three quarters of the imports came from Malaysia. (01.07.2022)


18 000

Palm- und Palmkernöl

In 2021, Switzerland imported 18,000 tonnes of palm oil and palm kernel oil – half as much as in the record year of 2013. Côte d'Ivoire, the Solomon Islands and Malaysia were the main suppliers, accounting for 88% of deliveries. (01.06.2022)



912.5-04 ZDM-202205-Bild mit Zahl Teaser_EN

In 2021, Switzerland imported goods worth CHF 2.1 billion from India. In terms of value, 42% of these were chemical and pharmaceutical products. India is ranked 23rd among our most important suppliers. (01.05.2022)



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In 2021, Switzerland imported 4.4 million tonnes of goods by ship, representing 9% of total imports. Refined petroleum products accounted for more than half the amount. 95% of deliveries reached Switzerland via Rhine ports. (01.04.2022)


143 887


It is once again time for a delicious rhubarb pie. In 2021, Switzerland imported 143,887kg of rhubarb, which was 15% less than the previous year. 86% of the imports came from the Netherlands. (01.03.2022)


278 931


Ski imports are heading downhill. In 2021, Switzerland imported 278,931 pairs of skis (alpine and Nordic), 42% less than in 2001. Austria remained the No. 1 supplier, accounting for a third of the total, leaving its competitors far behind. (01.02.2022)




In 2020, Switzerland imported calendars worth CHF 17 million. Imports have been on a downward trend since 2007, when they were worth CHF 32 million. (01.01.2022)