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Customs clearance of goods, known as cargo processing, is part of our core business. On the one hand, the services we offer are client-oriented, but at the same time we must keep our costs down, though without neglecting customs security.

In the past we had a broad range of products, all with the same aim: swift customs clearance of goods. Included were form-based and IT-based solutions for the importation, transit, and exportation of goods. This multiplicity of cargo processing products resulted in service offerings that were perceived as too broad and unclear. Frequently, the products offered were isolated solutions that were not sufficiently harmonized with one another.

Aims of e-dec

With e-dec we have developed a central cargo processing product which has replaced the existing products (e.g. customs clearance system M90).

E-dec has a modular structure. It can be used to declare goods for importation, transit or exportation electronically. These uniform processes result in cost savings.

Benefits for our clients

  • One single IT system for electronically transmitted import and export declarations.
  • Several communication standards supported.
  • Each customs import or export declaration can contain up to 99999 tariff headings.
  • Inclusion of different types of assessment, e.g. for tobacco or cross-border repairs
  • Quicker selection of customs declarations.
  • Meaningful error messages in the case of plausibility errors.
  • Comprehensive response for duties and controls, e.g. inspection of goods.
  • Generation of uniform and clear import and export lists and delivery orders; transmission as a PDF file.
  • Simplification of provisional import declaration.
  • Option of correcting customs declarations by resubmission.
  • Refunds and arrears are processed swiftly by correcting the import declaration.
  • Option of electronic transmission of assessment decisions to account holders and authorised persons. 

You can find the latest information on the e-dec electronic customs declaration at the following link: e-dec info

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