Private goods - specific regulations

It prohibited to import, export and transit with certain goods and products; these may be brought across the border only on a restricted basis or with a permit. You can find more information under the following links:

Restrictions and bans

Animals and plants

Do you want to import an animal? Travel with your pet? Bring in an exotic plant? Find out what is permitted.

Prohibited goods

Importing certain goods is prohibited and/or restricted (weapons, drugs, narcotics, cultural goods, counterfeit goods, medicines, etc.)



When importing a vehicle into Switzerland, you must comply with certain formalities and pay various fees.

Household effects, inherited goods and wedding trousseaux

If you are moving abroad or moving to Switzerland, you can bring your household effects, inherited goods and wedding trousseaux with you without paying any taxes or duties. An import written declaration is required.

Internet purchases

Consignments to and from abroad are treated as commercial goods. The VAT-free allowance of CHF 300 does not apply.