Animals, animal products and protection of species (CITES)

1. Animals

Dogs, cats, domestic animals

The import of other animals from other states as of the European Union is forbidden in touristic traffic. Additional information will be provided by the FSVO:

2. Animal products (Goods of animal origin (including milk products, honey, seafood and pet food, amongst others))

You may import goods of animal origin for personal use from EU member states, Icland, Northern Ireland and Norway without being subject to controls by a border vet. The goods may not be put on sale.

The importation of goods of animal origin from other countries (e.g. Turkey) is generally prohibited.

Exception of certain foodstuffs see on the website of the FSVO:

3. Protection of species animals and animal products

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) lists approximately 3'500 protected animal species world-wide.

Import of such animals or their products is either strictly prohibited or requires a permit (e.g. snakes, lizards, turtles, parrots, ivory, tortoiseshell and various furskins).

Upon importation, an export permit or a re-export permit issued by the CITES authorities in the country of origin is to be submitted to the veterinary inspector at the customs post.


Information and respective authorisations will be provided by the FSVO:


Permits and protection of species

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