Customs client administration – UID


The one-off registration of the business identification number (UID) in the customs client administration project (ZKV) is required for the electronic declaration of goods in importation, exportation and transit and also for the retrieval of e-documents (import/export).

The ZKV is the basic application for the central recording and administration of the master data of all customs clients and allows you to:

  • apply for the following authorisations/profiles:
    • - electronic document user
    • - basic freight profile (for declarations in e-dec import/export and NCTS/national transit)
    • - authorised consignee/consignor
    • - authorised economic operators (AEOs)
    • - principal/guarantor
    • - service providers (providers of customs clearance software)
  • administer declarants
  • process the communication data
  • administer certificates
  • control data stored with customs

The handling of master data is carried out primarily by you, the customs client. This simplifies the work processes.

Access to customs client administration

Information on test environment: No access data will be sent automatically. To gain access to the test environment, please contact the Service Desk FOCBS after registering the UID.

In order for you be able to carry out tests, the UID must also be registered in production and communication must be entered there.


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