Gold, silver and coins

Following the decision of the Federal Council, the Federal Customs Administration provides statistical data on Swiss foreign trade in gold, silver and coins broken down by country of origin and destination as follows:

Data starting from 2012

The Swiss-Impex online database provides monthly results by country from 2012 onwards. Data on gold in unwrought form (for example gold bars) is listed under tariff heading 7108.1200 and consists of mining gold and refined gold – with no possibility to distinguish between them from 2012 to 2020.

In order to make the origin of gold more transparent, the FCA created import subdivisions which are valid from 1 January 2021. These distinguish between mining gold (key: 911) and refined gold (if at least 99.5% gold, keys: 912/913; if less than 99.5% gold, key: 914). Monthly imports by subdivision and country are available in the Swiss-Impex database (expert version; "Statistical keys" section) or below.

More information on the tariff heading and keys can be found in Tares.

Historical data (1982-2013)

The annual country-based data is available here for the period 1982-2013.