Airline Liaison Officers (ALO)

The BG essentially assigns border guards to five different types of missions: during FRONTEX assignments, employees work on the external borders of Schengen member states. «Air marshals» (Tiger) and «Ground marshals» (Fox) work in the area of aviation security. Airline liaison officers (ALO) work in an advisory capacity in the document area in third countries, and the BG also provides expert assistance in hot-spots during peace-building missions.

International assignments give BG members the possibility to perform tasks abroad in myriad areas of activity. Interesting career prospects are thus created and the Border Guard's know-how is continuously enhanced. Our vision consists of contributing to security internationally, making the most of employees' potential and using expertise to strengthen the Border Guard regions.

The BG International Assignments Specialist Area is responsible for planning, coordinating and performing international assignments and hires the experts for foreign assignments. As the «National FRONTEX Point of Contact» (NFPOC), it is also the contact point for all issues associated with the European border security agency FRONTEX, among other things.

The ALOs in Nairobi and New Delhi are co-financed through the ISF Fund.