Air Marshal / Ground Marshal

The aviation security operations currently known under the names «TIGER» (air marshal) and «FOX» (ground marshal) originated in 1970. During these operations, suitably trained security officers on board aircraft monitor the conduct of passengers and prevent attacks that could threaten the aircraft's safety (air marshals/«TIGER assignments»). On the ground, i.e. at airports, security officers inspect passengers, hand luggage and checked luggage, and monitor the inspections of the locally responsible bodies for the purpose of preventing prohibited objects from passing (ground marshals/«FOX assignments»).

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation establishes the guidelines for TIGER and FOX tasks in collaboration with the Federal Office of Police (fedpol).

The Federal Security Service in the Federal Office of Police is responsible for recruitment, training and deployment. Members of cantonal and city police corps, as well as Border Guard and Military Security staff, among others, are deployed for security operations.