Simplification and digitalisation

The systematic simplification and end-to-end digitalisation of FOCBS processes formally started with the launch of the DaziT programme on 1 January 2018 and will be completed by the end of 2026.


Since the launch of the DaziT programe in January 2018, more than 30 systems have gone live: smartphone apps, specialist applications in ePortal and technical services.

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64 geofences were set up along the Swiss border. They have enabled more than 100'000 automatic activations with the Activ and Periodic apps.

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The introduction of the European Electronic Toll System (EETS) has made it possible for the performance-related heavy vehicle charge (HVC) to be collected automatically for foreign-registered lorries. Since January 2020, more than half a million journeys through Switzerland have been processed with EETS. Although there are currently only two FOCBS-certified EETS providers offering this new service, usage is already at 33%.

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Nearly two thirds of bus and camper van drivers travelling to Switzerland from abroad are now choosing to pay the lump-sum heavy vehicle charge (PSVA) digitally. The smartphone app Via, a winner of the "Best of Swiss Apps" award, is increasingly replacing the old paper-based solution. Since its launch in early 2019, it has been used more than 60'000 times.

Beer in glass


Today, nearly all beer tax in Switzerland and Liechtenstein is collected digitally. Following the large and medium-sized breweries, virtually all small breweries are now also declaring their beer production for tax electronically. The tax is calculated automatically. The refund process is also digital.


The Cassa app has already been used over 35'000 times by FOCBS staff for the mobile collection of amounts such as fines. This corresponds to a value of more than CHF 5.7 million.



The QuickZoll app for customs clearance in tourist traffic is attracting a growing number of users. The symbolic threshold of 100'000 goods declarations was passed just as the DaziT project reached the halfway mark. In 2021, around 10% of all revenues from tourist traffic were collected via this tried and tested smartphone app.

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1,5 mio.

With Chartera, electronic assessment decisions in the movement of goods and in beer production can be obtained quickly and efficiently. More than one and a half million electronic assessment decisions have now been downloaded via the FOCBS's new output management system.

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33 mio.

A world record in the field of customs: 33 million customs master datasets, of which 11 active data items, are managed centrally in SAP MDG and maintained using optimised processes. 

As at 30.06.2022