Motorway charge sticker FAQ

Where do I have to affix the motorway charge sticker?
Affix the motorway charge sticker directly to the vehicle as follows, without using any aids:

  • In the case of motor vehicles, on the inside of the windscreen;. do not mount the motorway charge sticker in the tinted section
  • In the case of motor vehicles without windscreens, trailers and motorbikes, on an easily accessible and non-removable part.

Do I also need a motorway sticker for a trailer/caravan?
Yes. Trailers and caravans are also subject to the motorway charge. The exceptions can be found here.

Does my motorhome also need a motorway tax sticker?
Yes. Motorhomes with a total weight of up to 3.5 tonnes require the motorway tax sticker. If the total weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes, the heavy vehicle charge is payable.

Do classic vehicles also require a motorway charge sticker?
Yes. Classic vehicles (vintage vehicles) are also subject to the motorway charge.

Upon entry into Switzerland, can I use the motorway up until the first exit without a motorway tax sticker?
No. In order to ensure equal treatment, the motorway tax has to be paid in any event, regardless of the distance travelled.

Can the motorway charge sticker be transferred in the event of a change of car?
No. It is forbidden to peel off motorway charge stickers and transfer them to other vehicles. Detached motorway charge stickers are invalid.

I drive two vehicles with an interchangeable number plate. Do I require a motorway charge sticker for each vehicle?
Yes, both vehicles require a motorway charge sticker.

I will be visiting Switzerland only once this year. Do I nevertheless have to buy an annual motorway charge sticker?
Yes. At present, no motorway charge stickers are issued for shorter periods of time. Unlike other European countries, Switzerland has only an annual charge.

Will the motorway charge sticker be replaced in the event of a broken windscreen?
Yes. The motorway charge sticker will be replaced free of charge in the event of a windscreen replacement. In the case of foreign vehicles, customs offices issue a new motorway charge sticker upon presentation of the old motorway charge sticker (even if it is torn) and the invoice for the replacement windscreen.

A replacement sticker is organised by the insurance company in the case of Swiss vehicles.


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