Chartera Output

Chartera Output is the new internet application of the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security FOCBS where you can obtain your customs documents.


Chartera Output offers you the possibility to search for and download your customs documents, such as invoices, levies bordereaux, assessment decisions and refund receipts, quickly and for long time ranges.

Chartera Output groups documents into dossiers for you. Documents in a dossier either originate from the same process or were issued within the same time period. This means that you can obtain all these documents together in just a few steps.

Pilot phase

Chartera Output is currently in a pilot phase and is currently aimed exclusively at users of the "Document GUI (Web GUI)" application. At the moment, Chartera Output provides all documents which are issued as a result of customs declarations, especially invoices.

In the future, further documents originating from other customs processes will be made available via Chartera Output. In addition, the users of customs software will also be able to access them.

In order to participate in the pilot project, you must currently be using the latest Web GUI and have a ZKV certificate (Customs client administration) installed on your computer. If you meet these two conditions and would like to have access to Chartera Output, please send an email with your business identification number (UID) (e.g. CHE123456789) to

If you encounter technical difficulties of any kind, please contact the Service Desk FOCBS, either by calling 058 462 60 00 between 7am and 5pm or using the contact form.


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