Customs status, certificates, licences

Customs status, certificates and licences granted by us can reduce the effort involved in your customs activities (e.g. authorised consignor or consignee / authorised economic operator [AEO]).

AEO certificate: Authorised Economic Operator

AEO status is granted to persons considered reliable in terms of the security and safety of the international supply chain. AEOs are granted facilitations concerning customs security and safety checks.

Distiller's licences and Bonded warehouses for spirits

The Confederation grants the right to manufacture and distil spirits to private enterprises by means of distiller's licences (Art. 3I of the AlcA). These distiller's licences are issued by the Spirits Tax Section of the ​Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS). We distinguish between three types of private spirits producer:

A bonded warehouse enables its operator to trade in spirits without tying up capital unnecessarily. Spirits can be stored tax-free in such bonded warehouses.

Precious metals control: melter's licences, assayer licences

Manufacturers of precious metal goods (makers of watch-cases, goldsmiths, silversmiths, dentists, etc.) may only smelt the scrap from their activities if they hold an individual melter's licence.

Authorised consignee and Authorised consignor

As an authorised consignee or consignor, your company can perform the import or export customs declaration itself at an authorised location (usually the company's registered office).