Passar 1.0: what companies need to know

Advantages for businesses

The benefits for businesses are linked to the various expansion phases of Passar and its peripheral systems; their benefits will become progressively apparent as a result. The most significant phase will take place with Passar 2.0 (import) from early 2025.

Businesses will benefit on several levels:

  • The administrative burden (regulatory costs) is reduced thanks to the simplification and standardisation of processes.
  • End-to-end digitalisation will gradually introduce seamless processing and eliminate paper handling at the border, in particular.
  • Increased automation and the use of technological innovations will accelerate border crossings.
  • Processes at the counter will no longer be necessary: provided that those involved in the procedure use the digital solutions to process customs formalities and pay other levies (e.g. LSVA), in future those involved in the procedure will only have to stop at the border if checks are made.
  • Technological modernisation increases system security and stability. Compatibility with the EU remains guaranteed (NCTS Phase 5, ICS2).