Going digital with the e-vignette for motorway use

(Last modification 08.01.2024)

Bern, 25.07.2023 - The electronic motorway tax sticker will be available from 1 August 2023. It can be purchased using the “Via Portal” of the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS) at www.e-vignette.ch. The adhesive motorway tax sticker will remain available.

On 16 June 2023, the Federal Council decided to launch the electronic motorway tax sticker (e-vignette) with effect from 1 August 2023, thereby supplementing the conventional motorway tax sticker with a modern electronic form. Users will thus have the option to choose which form they would prefer the next time they purchase a vignette to pay the annual motorway tax. The e-vignette and the adhesive motorway tax sticker both cost CHF 40 and are valid for the respective calendar year – as before, from 1 December of the previous year to 31 January of the following year.

While the adhesive motorway tax sticker is linked to the vehicle, the e-vignette is linked to the number plate, which provides vehicle owners with a number of advantages. It can be bought at any time or place and is valid immediately after purchase. In addition, only one e-vignette is required in the case of interchangeable number plates, versus a separate sticker for each vehicle in the past. Furthermore, provided the same number plate is used, a new vignette does not have to be purchased in the event of buying a new vehicle during the course of the year. Similarly, there is no need to purchase a new one in the case of a broken windscreen.

Buying an e-vignette

The e-vignette can be purchased using the FOCBS Via Portal at www.e-vignette.ch from 1 August 2023. Only three pieces of information are needed: vehicle category, country of registration and number plate. It is not necessary to open a user account or enter personal details (purchaser or driver). The e-vignette can be paid for online or by credit card.

The "publicly viewable" option in the Via Portal, which can be activated voluntarily, allows you to check whether a valid e-vignette already exists for a corresponding number plate. This is particularly useful if a vehicle is used by several people, e.g. in the case of rental vehicles or car sharing. A one-off change of number plate per e-vignette is also permitted in the event that a vehicle owner moves to another canton, for instance. Anyone interested can choose to receive an email with a receipt for the purchase of the e-vignette by providing their email address. It is not possible to exchange an adhesive motorway tax sticker for an e-vignette.

Fleet management is simplified for owners of several vehicles requiring a motorway tax sticker by means of one-off registration on the federal government's ePortal and activation of an additional function for the purchase of several e-vignettes.

The verification of e-vignettes will be carried out at the border by FOCBS staff and within Switzerland by the cantonal police by means of random number plate checks.

Address for enquiries

For private individuals and companies:
Information office for customs regulations
Tel. +41 58 467 15 15, or use the contact form on the website of the FOCBS

For media representatives:
Media Service Federal Office of Customs and Border Security FOCBS
Tel. +41 58 462 67 43, medien@bazg.admin.ch


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