First EETS lorry enters Switzerland

Bern, 14.01.2021 - EETS is the EU's harmonised electronic toll service throughout Europe – and now Switzerland has joined as well. This service simplifies and accelerates the movement of goods at the border. Joining the EETS network is a milestone in the DaziT digitalisation and transformation programme.

The Federal Customs Administration (FCA) has created the prerequisites for connecting Switzerland to the European Electronic Toll Service, EETS for short, the EU's harmonised electronic toll service throughout Europe. With this, the drivers of foreign transport vehicles will no longer have to get out at the border to pay the performance-related heavy vehicle charge (performance-related HVC). This can now be done entirely digitally with a small on-board unit.

The FCA works with private recording service providers, so-called EETS providers. Telepass is the first EETS providers to have successfully completed the required multi-stage approval procedure. The first official EETS journey to Switzerland took place in Chiasso today.

According to the roadmap for the DaziT transformation programme, it is planned to replace the existing performance-related HVC recording system for domestic vehicles (emotach) by early 2024. The list of other approved EETS providers is posted on the FCA's website on an ongoing basis.

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