Special import procedures

In this section, you will find an overview of all special import procedures: authorised consignee, temporary importation (customs declaration for temporary admission (ZAVV) – ATA Carnet), repairs and processing traffic, bonded warehouses and goods in storage.

  1. Authorised consignee(ACee)
    As an authorised consignee (ACee), you as a company can make an import declaration yourself at an authorised location (usually at the company's registered office). Your transporter can thus drive directly to your company's registered office with the goods. It is no longer necessary to stop at a customs office.

  2. Temporary importation (customs declaration for temporary admission (ZAVV) + ATA Carnet)
    If your goods are only to be imported temporarily, you can clear them through the temporary admission procedure (ZAVV) or by means of an international customs document ATA Carnet.

  3. Repairs and processing traffic
    If you are only temporarily importing your goods for repair or processing (treatment, processing and repair), the processing traffic procedure is used.

  4. Bonded warehouses and goods in storage
    If your goods need to be temporarily stored duty unpaid, you can use bonded warehouses or open customs warehouses. If you import goods in quantities of at least 10,000kg net mass (so-called bulk goods), you can use the "warehouses for bulk goods" procedure.

  5. Rural border traffic
    If you live in the Swiss border zone and farm cultivated land in the foreign border zone, the procedure of the rural border traffic applies to the import of harvest yields.


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