Exportation from Switzerland

The regulations and formalities depend on whether you wish to: 


Permanent exportation from Switzerland

When exporting vehicles from Switzerland, you must comply with certain formalities.

Customs declaration

Vehicles that you wish to export permanently from Switzerland must be spontaneously declared for export at a customs office responsible for merchandise.

Bring all supporting documents that are necessary for the assessment, e.g.:

  • Vehicle/vessel registration document (even if already cancelled)
  • Proof of identity (passport, identity card)
  • Export customs declaration (e-dec declaration)
  • Proof of origin (if available)

Duty-free import into the country of destination

If you wish to apply for preferential (duty-free or reduced) import in the country of destination, the Swiss exporter must issue a proof of origin for the vehicle prior to export. Information on this can be found here: Free trade agreements, origin.

Number plates for road vehicles

Road vehicles intended for export can be transferred abroad, e.g. with export control plates or loaded on another transport vehicle. Questions concerning number plates must be directed to the competent cantonal vehicle licensing office.


Using a duty paid vehicle abroad temporarily

Vehicles with Swiss number plates can be taken abroad without customs documents (i.e. informally) and then re-imported.

General information on the temporary use of goods can be found under Temporary exportation.

When returning to Switzerland with the vehicle, you must spontaneously declare all repairs, conversions, processing, etc. carried out abroad to Swiss Customs at the border. Information can be found at Vehicle repairs and Processing traffic


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