Motorway charge (vignette)

Use of Swiss motorways is subject to a charge. It is levied in the form of the annual "vignette", which costs CHF 40 and is valid from 1 December of the year prior to that shown on the vignette through to 31 January of the year following that on the vignette.

The motorway charge applies to all motor vehicles and trailers registered in Switzerland or abroad that are not subject to the heavy vehicle charge. The obligation to have a vignette generally applies to all motor vehicles and trailers weighing up to 3.5 tonnes.

Two products - one system

The sticker vignette and e-vignette coexist and in principle have an equal status. This is why it is referred to as a "dual system":

  • Both entitle persons liable to pay the toll to use Switzerland's 1st and 2nd class national roads (motorways),
  • Both are valid for the calendar year in question (1 December of the previous year to 31 January of the following year),
  • Both cost CHF 40.

The biggest difference between the two forms: While the sticker is linked to the vehicle, the e-vignette is linked to the number plate.

In order to emphasise the similarities between the two forms of vignette, the FOCBS designed an icon that is graphically based on the sticker vignette and symbolises the e-vignette as a product.

Important: This is only a symbol and does not serve as proof of payment.

Klebe- und E-Vignette
Icon of the annual e-vignette (right), which is based on the design of the sticker.


Logo E-Vignette
Logo of the e-vignette: The pixelated lane indicates the digital solution.

Video: A quick guide to the e-vignette

The e-vignette can be purchased using the FOCBS Via Portal at Only three pieces of information are needed:

  • vehicle category;
  • country of registration;
  • number plate.

The e-vignette is linked to the number plate, which provides vehicle owners with a number of advantages. It can be bought at any time or place and is valid immediately after purchase. In addition, only one e-vignette is required in the case of interchangeable number plates, versus a separate sticker for each vehicle in the past. Furthermore, provided the same number plate is used, a new vignette does not have to be purchased in the event of buying a new vehicle during the course of the year. Similarly, there is no need to purchase a new one in the case of a broken windscreen.

The price of the e-vignette from the webshop is CHF 40. The actual price of the e vignette when purchased abroad depends on the exchange rate and any fees charged by your credit card provider.

For more information and instructions on the e-vignette, see Services Individuals and Services Companies.

Sticker vignette

The conventional sticker, which is valid as proof of payment when correctly affixed to the vehicle, can be obtained through the existing points of sale.

Abroad, the price for the sticker is:


Currency area €

United Kingdom

Denmark DK

Poland PL

Czech Rebublic CZ