With emotach was a way created to make special data from the on-board unit available to the operator for additional applications and systems such as modern fleet management, consignment tracking, navigation but also for possibilities in dynamic traffic control via driving data recording.

Suppliers of auxiliary equipment and application developers can develop an optimal approach for their customers. The initial situation is the same for everybody because the data at the Bluetooth interface of the emotach is accessible to all users. By means of an interface description (PDF, 1 MB, 24.09.2014), one is in a position to develop one's own applications to use Bluetooth services. The interface description (PDF, 1 MB, 24.09.2014) is meant to provide the user with an overview of the different Bluetooth services and allow emotach Bluetooth services to be used.

For support in development, an application can in addition be made for a so-called development kit to the FOCBS (delivery is only within Switzerland). This development kit is provided free of charge (loan equipment).