Various support units and documentation exist which can help you further with any specialist or technical questions.

Specialist questions

The following resources are available if you wish to clarify an issue in detail:

We also recommend our sections entitled "Information for companies" and" Information for private individuals".

Technical questions on applications and IT systems

You can find all information and requirements concerning technical specifications for using our IT systems here: IT systems of the FOCBS

Our staff at our central point of contact, the Service Desk FOCBS, will be happy to help in the event of technical problems with a specialist customs application.

Customs information offices

Were you not able to find an answer to your questions and would like to contact us? You can contact the relevant information office depending on the topic.

  • Private individuals: contacts for private individuals concerning matters such as cross-border shopping, online shopping, moving home, vehicles, etc.
  • Companies: Contacts for merchandise, technical support, bookkeeping, media representatives, etc.