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Periodic (periodic collective declaration) is a smartphone application (app) of the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS) for the automatic customs assessment procedure "periodic customs declaration" when entering the Swiss customs territory. Bulk goods such as gravel can be imported in a simplified manner. A permit (only in German: Bewilligung (PDF, 517 kB, 01.01.2022) ) for this must be requested from Customs. The need for paperwork is largely eliminated.

Each consignment is automatically recorded when crossing the border. This enables faster border crossings and also eases the burden on the infrastructure of the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security.

Periodic was developed as part of the DaziT programme and is currently being tested in a pilot operation. At present, it can be used only by pilot companies with a valid Periodic permit. If you are interested in partici-pating in the pilot scheme, please contact your local customs office.

The new customs legislation is expected to come into force on 1 January 2023. After that, the current periodic collective declaration (PSA) procedure will be replaced by a digital procedure (Periodic).


Periodic is available for the iOS and Android operating systems and can now be downloaded free of charge.

Terms of use

  • You must have a valid Periodic permit for goods in the periodic collective declaration procedure.
  • Periodic cannot be used if you are carrying other goods in addition to the authorised goods in the same vehicle. In such cases, you must declare all consignments and goods using the normal procedure.
  • If technical problems occur with Periodic when entering Switzerland, you must spontaneously contact an employee at the customs control office (see permit for details).
  • By using Periodic, you agree to the following data being recorded:
    • • GPS coordinates of the border customs office
    • • Time of entry at the border customs office
    • • Declared registration number, including the country of registration of the vehicle
    • • Registered permit number
    • • Unique identification number (required to confirm the inspection result).
  • In order for Periodic to determine that you are approaching the border, you must agree to the use of your location data.
  • Declare all consignments fully and correctly before your trip. Declarations made with Periodic are binding. Anyone who does not declare consignments or goods fully or correctly is liable to prosecution (Articles 118 and 127 of the Customs Act).