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The Activ app makes it easier for drivers of freight forwarding and transport companies who make regular transit journeys through Switzerland to cross the border.

As soon as drivers approach a border crossing, the customs declaration for the goods entered in Activ is sent. This enables faster border crossings and also eases the burden on the infrastructure of The Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS). The App does not change the opening hours and authorization of the Customs offices.

The Activ app is still in its introductory phase and can currently be used only on the transit lanes at the following customs offices:

Transit IN Transit OUT
Au Au
Bardonnex Bardonnex
Bargen Bargen
Basel/Weil am Rhein-Autobahn (BWA) Basel/Weil am Rhein-Autobahn (BWA)
Basel/St. Louis-Autobahn  
Boncourt Boncourt
Campocologno Campocologno
Castasegna Castasegna
Col France Col France
Diepoldsau Diepoldsau
Ferney-Voltaire Ferney-Voltaire
Gondo Brig-Gamsen
Grand-St-Bernard Grand-St-Bernard
Kriessern Kriessern
Martina Martina
Mendrisiotto SD Confine Mendrisiotto SD Confine
Müstair Müstair
Neuhausen am Rheinfall Neuhausen am Rheinfall
Oberriet Oberriet
Rafz Rafz
Ramsen Ramsen
Rheinfelden-Autobahn Rheinfelden-Autobahn
Schaanwald Schaanwald
St. Gingolph St. Gingolph
St. Margrethen St. Margrethen
Stein/Bad Säckingen Stein/Bad Säckingen
Thayngen Thayngen
Thônex-Vallard Thônex-Vallard
Trasadingen Trasadingen
Vallorbe Vallorbe


Activ is available for the iOS and Android operating systems and can now be downloaded free of charge.

Terms of use

  • Activ cannot be used in the following cases. In such cases, you must declare all consignments and goods under the normal procedure:
    • • if a T1/T2 transit procedure ends at one of the customs offices listed;
    • • if you are carrying consignments with an ATA carnet, TIR carnet or additional goods;
    • • if you enter/leave Switzerland via a customs office not listed.
  • If technical problems occur with Activ after entering the customs yard, an FOCBS employee must be spontaneously contacted on site. In this case, have a printout of the transit papers ready. This also applies if the background systems, in particular NCTS, are not available at the time of entry. The printouts serve as an emergency solution and speed up the handling of technical problems.

  • By using Activ, you agree to the following data being recorded:
    • • GPS coordinates of the border customs office;
    • • time of entry/exit at the border customs office;
    • • declared registration number, including the country of registration of the vehicle;
    • • numbers of declared transit documents;
    • • unique identification number (necessary for the test result feedback);
    • • position data.
  • If the app fails or crashes, information about the crash, such as frequency, device type, operating system version, and some technical data about the mobile device is sent to a third-party company. This information does not include the IP address, personally identifiable information, or any other data on the mobile device.

  • You agree to declare all consignments on your journey completely and correctly. Declarations with Activ are binding. Spontaneous retrospective notifications of consignments or goods to an FOCBS employee prior to entry into Switzerland will be accepted if Activ is presented. Anyone who does not declare consignments or goods completely or correctly is liable to prosecution (Arts.118 and 127 of the CustA).

Emergency solution

The transit document shall be carried in paper form. In the event of failure of the NCTS system, this shall be regarded as an emergency solution.